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One thousand reasons to visit Mexico now!

This is the way to El Bable, as in all over Mexico, every single angle gives you a shot straight to the file where you keep the best trip memories of life.

What is El Bable all about? Well, I have gotten some comments from English speaking people, so I’ll explain what this site is about. El Bable is the name of the ranch that belonged to my father, once upon a time, long time ago. It is not the real name, though… it was “El Baúl”, but, local people couldn’t pronounce it so they called it El Baule, and finally El Bable. I heard that several times during all my childhood. El Bable is the name of the language the Asturias in Spain speak, but I have nothing of Asturian blood in me. El Bable is, playing with words something close to Babel, so we are getting closer!

One of our best heritage in Salamanca becomes from the Augustinians fryers who in the 18th century decorated the interiors of San Augustin Church, the best Baroque décor ever made in Mexico.

As you can see, the subtitle says “El pasado perfecto del future incierto del verbo vivir”. What a sentence! I can translate as “The perfect past tense of the undertone future, from verb to live”. Reasons are various, we, in Mexico have the richest heritage we can imagine, from ancient civilizations to three long centuries of Spanish domination, to the mix of strong European, Chinese and Philippine influence. For most of the American tourist Mexico is a beach destination, but they are wrong, Mexico is much more than just a so called “Mexican fiesta”, much more than just a smiling face saying yes to all that you demand.

At the beginning of 20th century, artisans in el Bajio, the name of the area where Salamanca is, made some of the best decorations in the catholic churches, as an example here is the ceiling at El Señor del Hospital.

Mexican culture is so strong. Not all Mexicans can understand. Mexican culture is so rich not all visitors can see and understand. Not all Mexicans and visitors know the multifaceted way of the real Mexican life, so, that is what El Bable pertains to show. El Bable wants to take you to the real life in Mexico, to the other part of Mexico where no beaches are, but, where culture and heritage exist. So welcome to El Bable, I have a lot to show you!

Shall I say not to be afraid going into those small tiny restaurants? Montezuma revenge is coming from different reason, you may not believe, next time I post in English, I’ll let you know where the real revenge came from and how to avoid it. Comments are welcome.

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